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I took my TWO dogs (CHIHUAHUAS) to Roeslers Boarding, for an 8 day stay.

My dogs come home lethargic, Urinating, all over themselves. This went on for 4hrs. after they came home. The smaller of the two, had bowel movement for two hours solid.

The kennel was full of Urin and ***, very bad my dogs sit and slept in their own ***.

Bigger of the two, drank two to three cups of water, so fast it made him sick again.

I called several times while away, always told everything is good.

My dogs were never walked, or even let out of the kennel. They were both very traumatized by this first vist to a kennel. I will take them on my next Vacation,.

DON'T Trust this Kennel, I could have left my dogs at home alone in their kennels for 8days. Its the same thing. My dogs are my kids, I hope I can stop the next boarder from making a bad decision. $10 a day$15.00 for TWO almost KILLED MY DOGS

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OMG I just saw this horrible post, I am the owner of Roesler's Kennels.It looks like it was posted in 2013..

and it is now 2017. I want to thank all of our customers who defended us over this awful post. I have never had anyone call us about anything like this at all!. We love this business and do our best with every single dog that comes here.

Thank you again to my loyal customers.

None of this could happen here, as stated we don't have crates we only have indoor/outdoor runs and everything is very private.Marilyn Roesler


Never used Roesslers before but I will try them the next vacation I go on. Neg reviews are usually due to someone who is jealous, and wants to hurt a business. :zzz

Creve Coeur, Missouri, United States #715889

Roeslers kenneling service is usually full and hard to get into.This one strange review won't effect their business.

It is laughable that this dog owner says she didn't want to say anything when she or he picked up their dogs, a true dog lover would have given them at the least a TOUNGE LASHING, for this reason, I can't believe this post.:upset

La Belle, Missouri, United States #713205

LMAO! If your going to put comment, You needed to practice first. I have used Roesler's for years and if you have ever used them you know this post is made up, if you we're at this kennel, just saying your dog was never let out, this would be impossible since every kennel has a doggie door that they go out side whenever they want.


This is probably a pet sitter or another boarding kennel who is pissed that this place only charges $10 a day.Where others charge $35 and up, thats what i usually pay $35 a night!

It is laughable what this poster wrote. I am going to use this kennel and try them out, JUST BECAUSE OF THIS RANT. LOL. Well, ok also the $10 pulled me in.

If this Rant were true, they would be shut down. I called them and told them about this Rant, (thought it only fair) and they said that they never had a complaint like this. I went to their website, and I cant figure out why a dog would **** all over themselves when dogs have a dog door that goes outside any time they want to go out. Why would they even need to walk your dog.

MAYBE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THE KENNEL YOUR RANTING ABOUT TO KNOW THAT DOGS DONT NEED TO BE WALKED. Maybe your dogs just are used to going potty on themselves. Or maybe this story is made up. I get sick of bull **** reviews for anyone!

If this happened to my dog, I would have gone to the police and had them arrested! I would have at least filled out a report. Maybe that is y you didnt go to the police.

Because this is all made up!!!:cry CRY ME A RIVER


This is the problem with the Internet, anyone can write anything against a person or business and it can be all lies.If I lived in the state of this kennel I would use them!

This review is crazy.:upset


Wow who would write this BS?You would think they would have planned what they were going to say.

I think this is another business that can not compete with the price of $10 a day!

But fun to read LOL.What a cry baby :( :cry


probably another kennel who charges an arm and a leg. Read what this person is saying, it even sounds like bologna!



Some people think they should get everything free! This story is not true at all. :upset :zzz


This complaining post is not accurate.Have used for years and no complaints like this from me.

When you say the dog never got water and drank so much when you got the dog home, but this kennel has AUTOMATIC WATERING SYSTEMS, where there is always fresh water and the dogs just touch them to their mouths and water flows in the dogs mouth. And then besides that there is also a water bowl. Was your dog really about dead? Or are you stretching the truth here?

When you say something so ridiculous as your dog was almost dead when you picked it up, you should really keep to the true facts, if you did go to the vet I would think that the vet would be forced to call the State and turn in the owners. Or wouldn't YOU turn them into the state, I mean if your dog was about dead who did you tell other than going to this website to slam them? I have to say I find it hard to believe your dog was about dead, A normal person would have called the police during the pick up to have a professional write a report and have them arrested.

No I don't believe your complaint for even a second.


I saw this post when I was looking at reviews because when I made my reservation there it did (computer generated) ask me to make a review, and when I went there all the places where the dogs were kept each one had a make shift door where the dog could go out side to go to the bathroom.There were no dogs going to the bathroom on themselves when I was there, as they went out side using the dogs doors.

All the dogs go to the bathroom outside and then go back inside on their own. You said that you had a monetary loss of $165 dollars and both your dogs were almost killed. I am not sure how you lost $165 dollars, First of all did you mention to the owner that you were unhappy? If you didn't notice anything when you picked them up, did you call the owners once you thought your pets were "almost killed"?

Second Did you go to a vet to confirm that your dogs were "almost" killed? Are those your words or a vets words? If you were not there how do you know if they were walked? How do you know they were not let out of the kennel?

Actually they go out on their own with that dog door. You make it sound like this place has little tiny kennels, this is not the facts, these are large areas, I just think others should know that my experience was not the same as yours.

Mine was a very good experience.:grin

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